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Why Is It So Critical To Validate Your UV Technology?

 Amid the global push for enhanced hygiene standards and the mitigation of healthcare-associated infections, UV technology has garnered significant attention. However, a critical challenge overlooks this landscape - the absence of standardized validation procedures for UV technology applications across healthcare settings.

Who Are Intellego?

At Intellego, our unwavering commitment is centred on driving positive change, fostering innovation, and making a lasting impact on the well-being of individuals. Rooted in this dedication is our mission to lead the way in developing, educating, and validating UV technology, ensuring its effectiveness across diverse applications and industries.

Through transparent communication, innovative problem-solving, and proactive initiatives, we continuously strive to push the boundaries of what's possible. By embracing the spirit of change and constantly evolving, we contribute to a safer, healthier future for people and businesses globally, setting industry standards and leaving a positive imprint on the world.



Intellego Healthcare offers our data-driven dosimeters, leveraging patented photochromic ink for precise UV-C exposure measurement. Combat Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) with real-time validation, optimizing disinfection practices for safer and cleaner medical environments.


In the realm of UV curing, Intellego pioneers dosimeters and tech solutions. Real-time UV exposure data ensures precision, minimizing resource wastage and boosting operational efficiency. Embrace a secure, eco-friendly approach for enhanced outcomes in UV curing processes.


Elevate horticulture with Intellego's specialized UV dosimeters. Gain real-time, precision UV exposure data for plants, optimizing growth conditions. Our groundbreaking technology fosters a secure, environmentally friendly approach, leading to healthier crops and a greener future.