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What will you gain?

Valuable insights into the UV and its applications in different industries.

Practical tips and real-world examples to help you harness the full potential of UV technology.

Discover how Intellego dosimeters play a part in the UV market.


Navigating the Challenges of UV Curing in Modern Applications


This whitepaper explores how integrating UV curing can transform manufacturing through its speed, sustainability, and efficiency. Learn about the pivotal role of Intellego dosimeters in mastering the challenges of standardization and validation, ensuring consistent quality and optimizing operational performance. From the basics of UV curing and its broad applications across industries to addressing undercuring risks and future technological trends, this whitepaper offers invaluable insights.


Ensuring Validation and Regulation in UV Technology

This whitepaper emphasizes the transformative potential of Ultraviolet (UV) technology in healthcare for combating infectious pathogens and reducing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) with an eco-friendly approach. A significant hurdle, the lack of standardized validation procedures, threatens the consistency and effectiveness of UV disinfection practices.

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